Caring for wraps

Like the paint on your vehicle, your branding and wrap needs regular care and maintenance to continue to look great, reflect a positive image and meet warranty requirements. Infrequent or incorrect maintenance can lead to the vehicle graphics degrading prematurely and not lasting the expected duration.

The minimum duty of care is to wash your vehicle at least once a month.  This will minimise grime and dirt build up which can impregnate the vinyl over time. Generally the best way to clean a finished graphic is to hand wash with a dedicated car wash or mild liquid detergent (free from abrasive components, ideally PH balanced and free from strong solvents and/or alcohols). We do not recommend the use of automatic brush car washes.

Park the vehicle in shade or under cover whenever possible. Spot cleaning of surface contaminants like bugs, bird droppings, tree sap and tar is required immediately after it appears. Polishing is the most effective way to protect your signage. Please do not use abrasive car polishes.  Furniture polish is all that is needed. You should polish on a regular basis to enhance UV protection. Should your car be in an accident, it is not recommended to replace the branding until the paint has properly cured, which is around 3 weeks from when it was painted.

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