Vehicle branding has been shown by numerous studies to be the most cost effective advertising!

Simply invest approximately $2,500 – $3,500 in wrapping or partially wrapping your vehicle and, according to a 3M study this could generate about $130,000 in advertising value over a 4 year period – a significant return on investment. In fact, based on this analysis, the signage should pay for itself within the first 2 months!

Did you know that a vehicle travelling to and from work each day in one of the major capital cities in Australia will be seen by between 20,000 & 30,000 people per day!  Assuming average driving rates a wrapped vehicle will get over 6,000,000 views a year.

If the primary goal of your advertising marketing is to build brand awareness and the cost effective use of your advertising dollar then there is nothing that comes close to vehicle branding.

Compare the following values of CPM on the different ways of advertising business:

CPM comparison

As experts in helping companies look great through their vehicle fleet signage, Liberty Signs can you help you get the most cost effective advertising available on the market.

Freedom on Advertising

Our customer has the freedom to choose the design that they like. Usually, the important elements that should be included are the company logo and its contact info. The rest – colours, medium, designs, etc. – are up to them.

Even what types of customers that will be targeted by the custom car will be determined by the company. They can direct where the vehicle should drive to get the attention of the right types of customers. They can even keep their valued clients updated on social media where their vehicles will be seen next.

This makes it even more effective than traditional forms of advertising where a company can only hope for the right types of customers can get a chance to hear, read or see their ads on the radio, newspapers, TV, and other advertising media.

For Small & Large Companies

You may have thought of car wrap advertising as appropriate only for large corporations.

The fact is: Car wrap advertising is an excellent platform for marketing business of any size, especially small- and medium-sized companies. The great thing about this form of advertising is that it legitimises small businesses as reliable companies in their industry because they can get their logo and design out into the streets where potential customers can see their brand of product or service.

A small business that is smart enough to employ car wrap advertising strategy gets the privilege to be on the same playing field as large corporations because they have the capability to maintain sophisticated vehicle fleets. Large companies are perceived by people as authoritative in their industries and therefore they will quickly earn the trust of potential customers.

Advanced Technology

We have skilled wrap installation experts who are excellent at manipulating our advanced, state-of-the-art printing technology. So you can be sure that our car wrap advertising will always give the best value for your money. Let us show you how cost effective your vehicle branding advertising can be.

Let us show you how cost effective your vehicle branding advertising can be.