Your vehicle fleet is a mobile billboard. This provides you with a powerful advertising medium for minimal additional cost. However the branding on each vehicle needs to positively represent your company. Poor branding negatively impacts your company’s brand. Great branding delivers a positive image and multiple returns on the small investment involved. Therefore managing the “Whole of Life” (WOL) branding for your vehicle is critical to maximise your advertising return.

Whole of Life vehicle branding involves several steps, namely:

  1. Determining the advertising message, level of budget spend for your fleet and the return on investment justification;
  2. Designing suitable and relevant signage for the chosen vehicles and how it is to be placed on the vehicle for maximum optical observation as well as cost effective installation;
  3. Retaining all designs on computerised software for production, repairs and future modifications;
  4. Supplying premium quality materials best suited to the type of installation while ensuring durability and protection for product guarantee purposes;
  5. Thorough preparation of the vehicle pre-installation (including cleaning and removing/replacing selected vehicle accessories) to ensure a fully professional and accredited installation for workmanship guarantee purposes;
  6. Providing maintenance information for the long term protection of the signage;
  7. Providing Australia-wide  professional repair services to ensure consistency in branding and image for vehicle repairs;
  8. Providing professional removal services for the end of lease or sale of the vehicle

Liberty Signs is a professional vehicle fleet signage company that has over 19 years of experience in managing the “Whole of Life” branding for large well known corporate fleets. Talk to us about WOL Branding.